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Thermal Coffee Fleece
  • Thermal Coffee Fleece

    This is the result of global high function fiber sourcing and several rounds of development. There is hardly a box that this liner does not tick. 


    Hyper Insulative


    Anti Odor

    Anti Bacterial

    High Stretch

    Extremely Soft Touch


    Low Water Capacity

    Quick Dry


    This fleece liner is made up of nylon, polypropylene, and spandex. The nylon has had coffee charcoal impregnated into the fiber which gives it superior heat holding capacity as well as antibacterial anti odor properties. Polypropylene is in itself a very lightweight and thermal fiber that does not absorb water. The texture is very unique and not unlike velvet.


    While many companies focus solely on how fast a fabric dries it is important to also understand that water holding capacity is a very important factor. This fabric holds 45% less water when fully absorbed compared to a major surf brand's premier suit liner. Which means that even while you are in the middle of a session your suit is already half dried compared to the competition. Once out of the water, the absorbed portion is quickly ejected.


    The icing on the cake is that this material is eco friendly. The coffee bean charcoal is made from waste that would otherwise be disposed of. The processing of the material takes less energy to carbonize than a similar bamboo charcoal material and does not require the water of dedicated crop. The charcoal adds an attractive grey color to the fabric which means dyeing and the associated energy and water usage is not necessary.


    All in all this an ultra high performance and easily marketable material that will set your brand apart.

    • Fabric Type

      Pile / Fleece

    • Materials

      Functional Nylon 43%

      Polypropylene 48%

      Spandex 9%

    • Stretch

      Horizontal 240%

      Vertical 200%

    • GSM

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