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  • What is the minimum order quantity?
    For a fabric product it depends on the product but generally the minimum order quantity is around 500 meters.
  • How long are your lead times?
    At this time all of our overseas products are order made. For made to order products this can take several months upon first order however if you anticipate taking regualar orders we will manage your inventory to drastically reduce wait time between subsequent orders.
  • Are your fabrics certified?
    All of our fabrics have their final processing done at OEKO-TEX certified plants and hold STANDARD 100 certification.
  • Do you have test data for your fabrics?
    During R&D we do our own testing in house but when we meet the product stage for our products we often have third party labs test our material. In the case that we do not have profesional data for our materials we can have them tested at buyer's request.
  • How customizable are your fabrics?
    With an order of 500 meters we can easily change the pattern and color of the fabric. Send us your data and we can add your logo or desired pattern to pile fabrics. If you would like us to adjust a fabric to your specific needs, create a one-off fabric, or use more or less of a particular yarn these are all in the realm of possibility but some developmental charges may apply.
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