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After 50 years of serving the industry let us use our expertise to find a material that is right for you.

Let us know your needs so we can send you relevant samples.

Send us a sample of your own for us to analyse and match.

Use our own samples or others to base your custom liner on.

Use our native English support to access our vast catalog of wholesale wetsuit fabrics and our network of high quality Japanese suppliers.

Free Samples

When it comes to highly focused wetsuit liners and neoprene fabric for marine sports Nankaigosen has been a major player in Japan's quality obsessed market for years. Finally we are equipped to start selling directly overseas for the first time. 

 Let's start a conversation. 

Your custom outer liner

Your choice of Japanese neoprene

Your choice in thickness

Your one-off inner liner

Your custom pattern or logo knitted

into the fabric itself.

and for the same MOQ's as the generic Chinese product you can find online. 

It all starts with a consultation.

Full Custom Low MOQs


Close to 70% of the market is dominated by one company. Now more than ever it is important to differentiate your brand and your products.

We are not a general textile company that dabbles in wetsuit materials, we are a wetsuit materials manufacturer that dabbles in general textiles. We are dedicated to the craft of making better performing materials and are in a constant state of R&D. 

We are trade partners with high end Japanese neoprene manufacturers and have a large market share in the Japanese domestic market. If you have experience with suits made from Japanese materials the likelihood that you already have experience with our fabrics is high.

Major wetsuit brands already utilize our wetsuit liners for the quality obsessed Japanese markets.


Features sell wet suits.


When high stretch and fast dry features are now expected of even entry level suits there needs to something more to set your brand apart. We begin by closely following the development of cutting edge functional fibers around the world. When these fibers are released for sale we begin our development and knit several variations. We test the thermal capabilities, water absorption / ejection rates, and stretch. If a fiber is worth pursuing we will go for round after round of development.

When and only when a new material passes our standards we shop the material out to the surf brands and customers we work with.

From this stage we can choose from several Japanese neoprene material suppliers to laminate your custom wetsuit liners to. We specialise specialize in wetsuit liners and we work in collaboration with only the best neoprene specialists to guarantee a very high standard of quality neoprene fabric. If you already have a neoprene supplier that you work with we can also provide you with just the knit linings and you can laminate the fabric with your choice of neoprene.

We love to have a development based relationship with our customers because we believe a "one size fits all" solution is not optimal. Our favorite customers are the ones who give us a challenge developmentally. If you have a one-off idea for a fabric you would like to see or would like to see some changes made to a fabric we already offer do not hesitate to contact us. 


Here are some features we build into our materials

Far Infrared
High Heat Retention
Super Stretch
Low Absorbancy
Quick Dry


If you require your wetsuit liner to be bonded to neoprene please inquire and we will be happy to take care of it at any of several world class Japanese neoprene manufacturers that are local to us. 

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Thanks for submitting!


To inquire about any products or samples please use the contact form or contact us directly at:

Tel: +81 073 451 1428

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